IOT Technology can be a powerful enabler for a modern approach to Farming.
IOT can be used for many application such as:

> Wine quality Enhancing
> Green Houses
> Golf Courses Integration
> Compost
> Harvesting
> Livestock monitoring

but also for:

> Forest Fire Detection
> Air Pollution
> Indoor Air Quality

What do you need to deliver successful project for Smart Agriculture ?

• Multilayer Low Power IPV6 NetWork Infrastructure
• Sensors
• Network Software Framework
• InfoBroker
• Analytics & Big Data Harvesting
• Cloud Services

Morevover, we use the Software Defined Radio on our Sensors and devices can be used in a augmented reality context to easy detect crops problems or animals deseases. We use augmented reality to interact with the IOT Infrastucture through BYOD (smartphone, tablet).

On the other hand Precision livestock farming (PLF) is the use of advanced technologies to optimize the contribution of each animal. Through this “per animal” approach, the farmer aims to deliver better results in livestock farming. Those results can be quantitative, qualitative and/or addressing sustainability.
The Internet of Things sensors combined with Robots, Drone and Aerial Imagery in which advanced Algorithm can predict plant and animal diseases can Improve efficiency both for cultures and for breeding.

Whereas Autonomous Vehicle guidance is still a big effort for car manufacturer as the analogic world in which cars should move is quite complex, a tractor with GPS guidance and basic obstacle recognition can drive automatically which in turn result in less wasted seed, fertilizer, fuel, and time.
If we combines sensors to detect soil moisture, soil temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, atmospheric pressure and so on depending of crops you can build predictive model that can forecast culture, prevent fungus, microbial contaminants, reduce water, seeds and fertilizer.

Challenges: Increase Milk yealds, Reduce Labor Cost, Prevent Diseases, Improve herd health, Optimize breeding, Improve Reproduction Rate, Stress Management, Feed Optimization.

How It Works ?

Each Cows, but this can be applied to poultry and pig breeders, wear a smart collar, which by default has and infrared sensor and a 6 axis gyroscope, optional GPS for meat production if animals are supposed to graze instead of being fed in stables.

Our Technology guarantee:
• communications between the wearable devices of the animals and the collection infrastructure
• Exchange of information between AMI (Animal Machine Interface) and ASU (Agricultural Side Unit)
• Collection of information from the ASUs to the Cloud
• Fast and secure one-way communication
• Use of the LoRa ISM band
• Use of low-consumption sensors for long and reliable opertation.

Depending on the amount of breeding stocks we can build a “Cow Operation Center” where you can immediately detect “cow status”, for example using colors to monitor a lot of parameters:

• Green, healthy
• Yellow, Estrus
• Orange, Calving
• Purple, Disease Suspected
• Blue, Antibiotic ore any Veterinary Prescription
• Red, Temperature or Any Alert Status

If the Breeders do not want to implement an Operation Control Room, we can deliver an app that can be installed on a SmartPhone o Tablet that through augmented reality can show Cow Status.

What can we monitor?

> Environmental parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity, brightness)
> Body temperature
> Activity of the animal
> Rumination
> Pedometer
> Gait
> Posture
> Food Behaviour
> Animal welfare
> Lameness
> State of Pregnancy and Labor
> Estrus of the animal
> Positioning (GPS and / or RADIO)

Which are the possibile Results of this application?

• Improvement of reproduction rates

• Early recognition of the state of malaise of animals

• Pregnancies / Parts under control

• Food Flow Optimization

• Production improvement

Make More with Less!

PLF – Information Flow
• Collection of information through the sensors
• Data analysis on the Cloud
• Return of the action to the Farmer

If you’re a Breeder or a Farmer and wanna talk with us about your Smart Agriculture needs or Precision Life Stock, call us now or write us and do more with less!