T.Net is a key IT partner in the Digital Enabling process that assists businesses and Public Administration in digitizing and digital transformation.

T.net has all its own technological experience and innovation in the IOT Engineering division and System Integration Area: skills and design capabilities that can offer, together with T.net’s core services, solutions and ideas in an ever complex business world. T.net is designing today the “Smart” services of tomorrow. IOT based solutions and projects focusing primarily on Smart Farming, Smart Mobility and Intelligent Transport System will make simpler, more secure and efficient human experiences in relationship with technologies and their own life.

We make possible what others think difficult or impossible. The IOT World could be a quite unaffordable challenge to face without the right competencies and skills.
To develop sustainable and efficient IOT project you need:

• A NetWork Infrastructure
• A certain amount of Sensors
• A Software Framework for Radio optimization (Software Defined Radio, SDR)
• InfoBroker to properly dispatch messages to eterogenous system
• Analytics & Big Data Harvesting to store and analyse big amount of data coming from the field
• Cloud Services to make info available to upper application and devops (IOT Micrososervices)
T.net Engineering is currently focused on two verticals of the IOT market:
• Smart Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems
• Smart Agriculture and Precision Lifestock Farming

Why T.net can be the right partner for your IOT project?

• T.net owns its Data Center is in the heart of Italian Telecommunication Centre (Caldera, Milan)
• We have a strong cloud computing expertise in complex Data Centers and articulated infrastructures
• Our Engineering Team has deep skills in cognite software and developing complex IT infrastructure
• We’ve high prestige customers all over the country.
• Some of the realized projects have become Case Study of the partners (Cisco, Milestones, NetApp).
• We’ve strong international relations with leading industry players
• We’re very active in the Regulamentary and Technical International Community