Enviroment, Intermodality, Security

The Smart City Block introduces a new concept in designing Smart Cities itemizing the different issues and ease the design of digital city renovation to impact on energy consumption, water efficiency, waste management, mobility services, security and enviroment protection, management and control.

As a consequence, we don’t have to forget that a Smart City is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of things sensors to collect data and manage assets and resources efficiently.

An Iot based people centric Smart City should deliver:

Smart City User
Smart City User
  • Better Efficiency in energy, water and waste
  • Enhanced Mobility Services
  • Efficient Monitoring and Management of Available Resources
  • Improvement of People Wellbeing
  • Increase Safety and Health
  • Smart Enforcement Capabilities

A Smart City context is a very challenging task where stakeholders with different motivations should interact to achieve common goals.

For this reason, we in T.net in our Tnet4Iot Design Guide for Smart Communities and Digital Nations have imagined each smart city as many blocks of 4Km2 each to help a sort of Analog to Digital conversion of the real world.

Smart City Block
Fig. 1 The Smart City Block
Legenda Smart City Block

As a result, is easy to apply this metodology to large cities or small ones!

First items to be designed are the Networks underlying the functionality of the Smart Block: an IoT Nework (tipically a LoRa or a 6LoWPAN), a C-V2X Network for Intelligent Transportation and Mobility Services and a Wi-Fi Network to connect users (tourist, citizen, policemen, utilities, etc) with a smart device.

The idea behind the Smart City Block is that even if several stakeholders exist in a city, there is still a list of common elements.

Some of the Smart City Blocks components are listed here below:

  • an Intelligent Nework that uses and roam efficiently between different type of Protocols
  • an efficiente broker to manage the info coming from different domains (in T.net4IoT terminology, the “Infobroker“)
  • a powerful Middleware able to forward prescription and prediction action to the right piece of the city in terms of users or services
  • a secure credential and security mechanism to manage the access to each part of the system
  • a well engineered data lake and powerful algorithms to suggest action and automatically manage incidents and adverse events even preventing them (prescription and prediction mantainance)

The result is a second layer to be added to the first one where next to protocols and networks come the services to be implemented:

Smart City Block Services
Smart City Block Services

•C-V2X communication for CAV/AV
•Infrastructure monitoring
•Intelligent traffic control center
•Mission critical alerts
•Infant Fire and Smoke detction
•Event based driving
•Optimized traffic flow
•Intelligent traffic signs
•Smart Limited Traffic Zone
•Smart Parlking and additional services
•Mobility Services


This interdisciplinary approach embedded in the definition of the Smart City Block includes a variety of techinical solutions that can systematically and easily applied to any city block.

This metodology is currently implementing in the outstanding enviroment of the City of Taormina (Sicily, Italy).


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Taormina Smart City Tech