What do you need to deliver successful project for Smart City & Nations ?

Here what we consider the needed infrastructure:

• Multilayer Low Power IPV6 NetWork Infrastructure
• Sensors
• Network Software Framework
• Environments Model
• InfoBroker
• Analytics & Big Data Harvesting
• Cloud Services

If many of the above needs could be obvious Enviroments Model may deserve some in depth writing.
Infact, data coming from Enviroments Station could be use in a multipurpose way, eg.:

• To predict pollution trends
• To predict aphalt conditions

The forecasting process is shown in the following diagram:

The system then show for each sensors different gauges like in the following example:

You can see this “live” on IOT LIVE DASHBOARD

Morevover, we use the Software Defined Radio on our Sensors and devices to have info such as Intensity of Rainfall or Snowfall because in a Intelligent Transport System Context is not enough to know if just rains or snows but how much it’s raining or snowing can prevent hydroplaning or wheelspin.

Other implications of having a piece of our SDN on IOT & ITS devices is to use it in a augmented reality context to easy maintenance and sensors failure detection and replace.

In Smart Mobility Services for Cities & Nations you can use to develop apps on top to deliver touristic info and much more. So Augmentd reality can be use to interact with the IOT Infrastucture.