Digital Cities, Smart Mobility and ITS approach in Smart City and Smart Nation scenario building

In a Smart City/Smart Nations context things get harder due to traffic congestion and pedestrian “interference”. In these cases we do not have a V2V or V2I need but we talk about V2X.

Challenges in this scenario should include:

• Limit/prevent interference between networks and infrastructure doubling
• Reliability in complex and crowed environment
• Multimodal support for mobility optimization
• Optimal coverage for efficient user experience
• Ability to store and harvest large amount of data compliant to privacy protection of all the stakeholders envolved
• Collaborative Messaging Systems (Infobroker) to make Cities and Nations exchange Mobility Info.
• Present to the upper system the data required by developers to build customized services to citizen.

How It Works:
> Creating an integrated network between the various components of the systems
> Set up a storage and an harvesting system on the Cloud
> Manage the flow of Information from sensors (IOT) to Info-navigation systems (ITS)
> Develop environmental models for pollution control

Design and implement a series of “cloud based” microservices for the selection and provision of data collected at a superior “business application” level