Smart Mobility and ITS IOT4ITS Framework

Smart Mobility & Intelligent Transport System need a specific Framwork. The IOT4ITS framework, designed by, enables: • Traffic management • Road safety and security • Freight management • Public transport • Environment protection • Automotive telematics • Parking management • Road user charging • Autonomous Drive Lanes The global intelligent transportation system (ITS) market […]

Smart Mobility and ITS

Controlling Environment, Traffic and Services on Motorways, Expressway and Turnpikes with an IOT Infrastructure in a C-ITS context

Congestion cost is a major issue for any nation in terms of fuel consumption and travel time. ITS and connected car technology are transforming mobility and safety on highways by avoiding crashes and reducing fatalities. To have a full C-ITS you need the IOT subsystems and the V2X Infrastructure talking together. The ITS Framework we’ve […]