The wellness of our loved ones is very important to all of us expecially in such severe conditions like the ones we’re experiencing nowdays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This disease has severly afflicted the elderly expecially because of social distances and medical doctors shortage making the elderly support at their premises or at retirement homes quite difficoult and often discontinued.

Here comes the IoT technology that makes the elderly house a safe and continuously monitored area.

Monitored IoT House
Monitored IoT House

Instead of having cameras that can be perceived by the elderly as an intrusion of their private life, the use of LoRa sensors which unlike WiFi guarantees wide coverage and reduced consumption, represents an indirect way to monitor habits, lifestyles and activities of the elderly in complete safety.

A Smart Home Kit must be able to connect different sensors and use different networks beyond the LoRa, for example to connect to the Internet if there is no LoRaWan coverage or to personal devices such as wearable bracelets.

Smart Home Kit
Smart Home Kit

Inside the Smart Kit resides the intelligence that manage all the sensors and use the data flows coming form the sensors to predict abnormal behavior or critical health conditions of the monitored person.

Full Network Smart Home Kit for the elderly
Full Network Smart Home Kit for tte Elderly

In the senior safety app sensors monitor the quality of sleep of the elderly registering information such as the quality of sleep, breath, heartbeat using a specif sensor under the mattress that also monitors the presence of the elderly in bed and the average duration of rests.

Sleep Quality
Monitoring Sleep Quality

Through different IoT sensors is possible to detect senior movement across the house, opening and closing of closets or doors, lit a led in case of emergency, monitor prescriptions and much more.

Senior Safety App
Senior Safety App

At the end a Smart Phone app is necessary to remotely monitor the elderly and to receive alarms in case emergency thresholds are exceeded.

The monitoring of vital parameters, cardiac activity, blood saturation, respiratory function and sleep phases will be constant and easy to consult if a wrist bracelet connected through BLE to the Smart Home Kit is used.

Wrist Bracelet
Smart Wrist Bracelet

This device is very important to monitor SpO2 expecially if you have to control oxygen rate in elderly blood as for those suffering of lung diseases like COVID-19 caused pneumonia.

Smart Home Kit can ease the burden on home care from insurance companies and government agencies especially when thousands or hundreds of thousands of people need to be monitored.

Well Being for thr Elderly Senior-Safety App

It’s the easy to monitor through this technology vast region like it was already done in Regione Valle D’Aosta for the WelcomTech project.

WelCome Tech
WelcomTech Project